will permanent vinyl stick to a glass coffee pot

Permanent Vinyl on Glass Coffee Pot

If you love accessorizing your coffee pot with vinyl, you must be wondering if permanent vinyl can stick to it. Here is some information to help you out:

Can Permanent Vinyl Stick to a Glass Coffee Pot?

Yes, you can definitely use permanent vinyl on your glass coffee pot. The key is in the type of vinyl you use. Regular permanent vinyl contains plasticizers that heat up and, in contact with a hot surface, can soften and therefore not stick well. That is why it is important to use permanent vinyl specifically designed for surfaces such as a glass coffee pot.

What Type of Permanent Vinyl to Use?

For glass coffee pots, you want to look for permanent vinyl that is:

  • Heat-resistant – It should be able to withstand the high temperatures of a glass coffee pot.
  • High-tack – This type of vinyl uses a much stronger adhesive, allowing it to stick better to the glass.
  • Cut-table – Permanent vinyl specifically designed for glass is usually much easier to cut, making it easier to apply.

How to Apply Permanent Vinyl on a Glass Coffee Pot

Once you have purchased the appropriate permanent vinyl for glass, the application process is not that difficult.

  • Be sure to clean the surface of your coffee pot with isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt and oils before applying the vinyl.
  • Cut the vinyl to the size and shape you desire.
  • Place the vinyl design-side down on the surface of the glass and use a squeegee to firmly press down the entire design and burnish it onto the glass.
  • Remove the transfer tape slowly and evenly.
  • Once the vinyl is applied, you may want to seal it with a clear coat to protect it.


Using permanent vinyl on your glass coffee pot is totally possible and can really make a great addition to your kitchen! Just make sure to use a vinyl that is specifically designed for glass so that it will not only stick, but be heat-resistant as well.

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