will a round coffee table work in a retangular room

Can You Place a Round Coffee Table in a Rectangular Room?

Decorating a rectangular room can be a tricky visual task, as every item must be placed in the right spot to achieve the look you want. A round coffee table in particular requires careful placement in a rectangular room, because it doesn’t complement the right angles.

Considerations for Placement

When considering where to put a round coffee table in a rectangular room, keep some things in mind:

  • Size: A round coffee table should be large enough to fit the sofa or seating arrangement it is used in front of. If there’s not enough room for a large round table, look for compact versions or use an oval or rectangular table instead.
  • Layout: A round coffee table should be placed in the middle of the sofa or seating arrangement, but in the middle of the room if there’s no furniture. Keep furniture within 6 feet of the table, as seating and other pieces should appear to “touch” it.
  • Balance: The round table should be symmetrical with surrounding furniture and artwork, with plenty of space and balance between two objects on either side.

Making It Work

You can make a round table work in a rectangular room by:

  • Placing it parallel to the wall at an angle, making sure each side of the table has the same amount of space.
  • Using a smaller, round coffee table and introducing a rectangular piece to balance it.
  • Positioning the round coffee table slightly diagonally in the center of the room, as this will help break up the rigid furniture.

In conclusion, a round coffee table can work in a rectangular room, although it should be placed strategically to bring in a dose of visual interest and soften the corner angles.

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