will a coffee table fit in my tuscon

Coffee Table Sizing for the Tucson

Tucson owners are often curious about which coffee tables might fit perfectly in their spaces. With the right size selection, you can add beauty, style and practicality to your home with a coffee table.

Measurements You Need

When it comes to measuring for your coffee table, there are two crucial measurements you need to know first:

  • Length: Measure your space to ensure a coffee table will fit by running a tape measure end-to-end. Allow around 18” of space between the coffee table and the couch.
  • Width: Measure the sofa’s width and find a coffee table that fits snugly against the sofa’s legs. Make sure you leave space for foot traffic to easily walk around it.

Size of the Tucson

The exact measurements of your Tucson will determine the size of coffee table you are able to fit. Generally, Tucson’s range in interior length from 128.3” to 157.5”, and the width is 66.1” to 72”.

What Coffee Table Sizes Will Fit?

A few common sizes for coffee tables are oval (~ 14” x 19”- 39” x 24”), square (~14” x 14” – 44” x 44”) and rectangular (~17” x 43” – 21” x 51”). Since the width of the Tucson remains constant, the size of the table is mostly dependent on the length of your vehicle.

Coffee Table Tips

  • It may seem counterintuitive, but avoid buying a large coffee table. Not only will it take up more space, but it can overwhelm the room and make a space feel smaller.
  • To determine the best size, try and find one that fits the length of your sofa and subtract 18” from that figure.
  • Make sure you leave between 18”-24” of space from the coffee table to the sofa for extra legroom.
  • Consider the shape of your space, traffic flow and size of your sofa to determine the right size coffee table for your Tucson.

With some careful measurements, you can easily determine the right size coffee table to fit your space and make the most out of your Tucson.

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