why put lemons on coffee table

Why Put Lemons on Your Coffee Table?

Lemons may not be everyone’s first choice of home decor, but they have many practical and decorative uses. Putting lemons on the coffee table is an excellent way to add a pop of color to any living room, while also providing some great health benefits.

Decorative Benefits

Lemons can provide up a vibrant splash of yellow with their vivid color. This is a great way to wake up a room and add life to any area. Furthermore, there are a variety of interesting color combinations you can explore such as adding some green from a leafy branch or the dark hues of a wooden tray.

Practical Benefits

Putting lemons on the coffee table can also help to improve your health. Lemons are host to a variety of important vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C that can help to naturally boost your immunity and keep you healthy.

Additionally, lemons are known for their antiseptic qualities and can help to reduce bacteria in a room. This can be helpful if you have any respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma, as the lemons can help to reduce airborne allergens.

Other Benefits

Finally, having lemons on the coffee table can also be a convenient way to have them readily available should you ever need a slice of lemon for a recipe or a flavorful beverage.


So overall, putting lemons on your coffee table can be a great way to add color to any room, as well as improve your health and have lemons readily available for other uses. Whether it be for decorative or practical reasons, having lemons on the coffee table is an excellent idea.

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