why it is called ottoman coffee table

Why Is It Called an Ottoman Coffee Table?

An ottoman coffee table is a style of furniture that combines the look and benefits of an ottoman with the practicality of a coffee table. It is an extremely versatile piece of furniture that can be used in a variety of settings.

What is an Ottoman?

An ottoman is a piece of furniture used as a low seat or footstool. It is usually cushioned and upholstered and sometimes includes a storage space underneath the lid. Ottomans originated in Turkey during the 17th century and became popular in Europe a century later.

Benefits of an Ottoman Coffee Table

Ottoman coffee tables offer several advantages over traditional coffee tables:

  • Extra seating – the ottoman can easily provide extra seating for guests when needed.
  • Multi-functional – an ottoman coffee table can serve a variety of purposes, from serving food to providing extra storage.
  • Stylish – the combination of an ottoman and a coffee table create a unique and stylish look that works well with modern and traditional décor.

Why is it Called an Ottoman Coffee Table?

The ottoman coffee table takes its name from the ottoman it is based on. Although ottomans originated in Turkey, it was the Europeans who gave them the name. Over time, the word “ottoman” became synonymous with low stools and footstools. Thus, an ottoman coffee table takes its name from the ottoman and is a combination of two pieces of furniture.

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