why is there a ridge inside chemex glass coffee maker

The Mystery of the Ridge in a Chemex

As an avid coffee enthusiast, you have likely noticed that Chemex glass coffee makers have a mysterious ridge inside them. This seemingly insignificant feature has a purpose and should not be overlooked! Today, we’ll explore why there is a ridge inside Chemex glass coffee makers, and discuss its importance in serving up a delicious cup of java.

The Purpose of the Ridge

Though it may look like a design flaw, the ridge inside the Chemex actually serves an important purpose. This ridge serves as a means of evenly distributing the hot water when making coffee. When the water that is placed in the Chemex flows down, the ridge forces it to spread out across the filter, resulting in a more even extraction. This even extraction of the coffee grounds leads to a fuller, more enjoyable cup of joe.

Other Benefits

In addition to evenly distributing the hot water, the ridge inside the Chemex also has other benefits. Here are a few:

  • Improved Backsplash Prevention: The ridge helps prevent a backsplash when the hot water is being poured into the Chemex. The ridge also helps prevent the paper filter from being thrust up when the water is poured.
  • More even Filter Folding: The ridge also helps make it easier to fold the paper filter along the sides of the Chemex. This results in a better extraction of the ground coffee.
  • Stable Filtration: The ridge helps keep the filter in place, which results in more consistent and uniform brewing.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped clarify why there is a ridge inside Chemex glass coffee makers. The next time you use your Chemex, pay attention to its inner ridge. You’ll appreciate how it helps produce an even, flavorful cup of coffee!

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