why is there a ridge inside chemex glass coffee maker

Why is There a Ridge Inside a Chemex Glass Coffee Maker?

The Chemex coffee maker has been around since the 1940s, and is known for its unique design, especially the conical shape of its glass pot with a ridge at the bottom. This ridge serves an important purpose – it helps to create a superior quality cup of coffee.

1. Enhances the Flavor

The ridge inside the Chemex helps to evenly extract the flavor out of the coffee, ensuring that you’ll get the best flavor out of your coffee grounds when you’re brewing. When you pour hot water over the coffee grounds, the ridge helps to separate any fine particles from the coarse particles, eliminating all unwanted flavors and sediment.

2. Improves Dissipation

The crease of the Chemex glass also helps the hot water disperse more evenly across the grounds. This helps to reduce the presence of “over-extracted” coffee grounds from those that are “under-extracted”. The ridge ensures that all grounds are properly saturated with water, improving the overall flavor consistency of the brewed coffee.

3. Enhances Aroma

The ridge also helps to create a more robust aroma, bringing out the fine nuances of the beans. Because the water can pass through the entire ground evenly, without any sediment or over-extraction, a fuller-bodied aroma and flavor can be achieved in a more consistent way.


The signature Chemex glass design with the ridge at the bottom is essential for making an excellent cup of coffee. The ridge helps to improve flavor, dissipation and aroma, ensuring that all your coffee grounds are evenly saturated with water and that you’ll get a consistently flavorful cup of coffee every time.

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