why is there a groove inside chemex glass coffee maker

Understanding the Groove inside the Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

Making coffee is a craft. It’s also a lot of science, and having the right tools is essential. One such tool of the craftsman coffee-maker is the iconic and famed Chemex. Its design makes it a thing of beauty and its use a simple delight. But many users wonder, “What’s the purpose of the groove of the Chemex Glass Coffee Maker?”

The Science Behind the Groove

If brewed correctly with the right grind and water temperature, coffee can taste divine. But perfection requires controlling the rate at which the water runs. This is where the groove of Chemex appears to come into play. It is designed to control the filter’s rate of expansion as it absorbs water, preventing a volatile bubble that would prematurely burst and allow ground coffee to mix with the brew.

The Groove in Action

By deliberately allowing the filter to expand outside the groove, the Chemex encourages a slow and even extraction of flavor. The infusion of flavor is able to progress more naturally, thanks to the controlled expansion. The result is a supercharged and richly flavored final concoction.

The Maze Effect

But the Groove’s design doesn’t stop at controlling the paper filter’s expansion. It also serves to keep the filter within the Chemical as the filter is used. This is well illustrated as the filter wraps around the Chemex and creates an intricate labyrinth for the final brew to work its way up to. This helps it reach its full potential, before being poured out from the spout.

The Bottom Line

The groove of the Chemex is designed to produce a perfect cup of coffee. It acts as a gatekeeper of flavor, controlling the filter’s expansion and the path of the brewed coffee. With this level of control, why wouldn’t you use a Chemex and the groove included in the design?

Key Takeaways:

  • The groove of the Chemex controls the filter’s rate of expansion.
  • The controlled expansion allows for a gradual infusion of flavor.
  • The groove also ensures the filter stays securely in place inside the Chemex.
  • The groove allows the Chemex to make a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.

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