why is there a groove inside chemex glass coffee maker

Why is there a Groove inside Chemex Glass Coffee Maker?

Brewing coffee with a Chemex is an art form. It requires precision, quality ingredients, and an understanding of the technologies at work behind the scenes. One of these technologies is the groove located inside the neck of the Chemex.

The Groove Makes a Sealed Piston

The Chemex Groove is an essential element of the Chemex’s patented pour-over technique. Its purpose is twofold – first, it acts as a seal to separate the wet grounds from the clean coffee brew. Second, it acts as a piston, regulating and controlling the amount of water as it is poured over the coffee grounds. Once you detach the top portion of the Chemex, it begins to fill with water until it reaches the Chemex Groove, where it is stopped. The piston formed by the Groove separates the grounds from the filter and the coffee. This allows the filter to settle around the grounds and capture the coffee, while the excess water is forced to drip through the sides and into the container below.

Other Benefits of the Groove

The Groove also helps regulate the temperature of the water as it passes through the grounds. Cold water slows the extraction process, while hotter water speeds it up. The Groove ensures that a balanced temperature is maintained throughout the brewing process, ensuring the ideal balance of flavor and strength. Additionally, the Groove helps to evenly distribute the water as it passes through the grounds, ensuring that all of the grounds are saturated for even extraction.

Why it Matters

The Groove is an essential component for making the perfect cup of coffee with a Chemex. Without it, the pour-over technique would be impossible, and it would be almost impossible to regulate the water temperature and pressure. Additionally, the groove helps to ensure an even extraction of the flavors from the grounds, while also separating the grounds from the clean coffee brew.

Overall, the Chemex Groove is a simple yet essential component in creating the perfect cup of coffee with a Chemex. It helps to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water, as well as helping to evenly distribute the water for even extraction of the grounds. Thanks to the Groove, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee each and every time.

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