why is there a groove inside chemex glass coffee maker

The Groove on the Chemex Glass Coffee Maker

The Chemex glass coffee maker is an iconic device that attracts people with its simplistic and timeless design and excellent brewing capabilities. You may have also noticed that there is a distinct groove running along the narrow edge of the pot. This groove serves an important purpose in the brewing procedure and helps make your coffee taste great.

Why is There a Groove on the Chemex?

The groove serves a few important purposes:

  • Light Sealing: The groove creates an airtight seal that helps keep the light out, reducing the chances of your coffee becoming bitter.
  • Uneven Pouring: The Chemex is designed to pour hot water slowly and evenly. The groove helps hot water move slowly, preventing the grounds from getting over-extracted and creating a bitter taste.
  • Heat Transfer: The groove helps with the heat transfer between the glass pot and the water. This ensures that the coffee brews at the correct temperature, resulting in a great cup of coffee.


The groove on the Chemex coffee maker may seem like a minor detail, but it serves an important purpose in helping you brew the perfect cup of coffee. Now the next time you are using your Chemex, make sure to appreciate the groove for all the help it does in making your coffee taste great.

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