why is it called a coffee table book

What is a Coffee Table Book?

A coffee table book, also known as a pictorial book or photo album, is a hard-covered book filled with large-size photographs and artwork, designed to be displayed and enjoyed on a coffee or end table. They are usually published with glossy pages and heavy cover material, and they are typically large-format, with an average size of around 10×12 inches.

History of the Coffee Table Book

The idea of a coffee table book first arose in the 1700s when wealthy Englishmen would present guests with special, large-format books filled with famous artworks. Since then, coffee table books have become a popular way to display one’s style, grace, and sophisticated taste in both art and literature.

Why is it Called a “Coffee Table Book”?

The name of these books evolved from the idea that books were often presented as gifts for guests to enjoy during their stay at the host’s home, typically displayed on a large wooden table where coffee was served. Thus, the name “coffee table book” was born!

Why Buy a Coffee Table Book?

Coffee table books remain popular to this day for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Style: Coffee table books provide an easy way to bring style and elegance to any home.
  • Convenience: They offer an easy way to display artwork or literature without needing any additional framing or mounting.
  • Durability: Coffee table books are designed to last and remain in good condition over time.

In conclusion, the coffee table book has been a long-standing tradition in the world of art and literature. Its name reflects its long history and is representative of the style and sophistication it can bring to any home.

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