why is a coffee table so called

Why Is A Coffee Table So Called?

A coffee table is an essential part of living room decor and furniture. But if you haven’t asked yourself why it is called a coffee table, then you’re missing out on an interesting piece of furniture’s history.

History of The Coffee Table

The coffee table dates back to the late 19th century in Britain, when a man named William Watt invented the concept and introduced it to Great Britain. His idea was centered around an item of furniture that one could use to put down meals, drinks and other items.

The item was then adopted by Empress Josephine, the top trendsetter of the time, who requested a ‘coffee table’ for inside the Royal Palace. She called it a ‘coffee table’ because one usually drank coffee, tea or some other beverage while at the table—a practice that’s still done today.

Modern Uses of The Coffee Table

Today, the modern coffee table is used for a variety of purposes. It’s a place to put drinks, snacks and meals, as well as decorations and other items. Here are some of the common things you’ll find on a coffee table today:

  • Books: Coffee tables often make the perfect spot for storing books and magazines.
  • Artwork: People often put art pieces (both bought and homemade) on their coffee table for decorative purposes.
  • Remote controls: To keep track of all the remote controls for different video and audio players.
  • Coffee/Tea: People often put small cups of coffee or tea on the coffee table while they’re relaxing and chatting with friends.

No matter what you put on it, the coffee table will always be a necessary piece of furniture in the living room. It’s one of the few pieces of furniture in the home which can be both functional and decorative, and it’s a great place to put any items which you don’t have any other place for.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, the ‘coffee table’ is aptly named. People may not always be drinking coffee or tea while at the table, but its name is a reminder of the custom once popularized by the Empress Josephine.

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