why does the barbie dreamhouse coffee table open

Why does the Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table open?

The Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table is an interactive play set for kids, in which the top of the table opens up to reveal various accessories that are used to play out different scenarios. The table is designed to look like a Barbie Dreamhouse, complete with a roof, roof window and sliding door.

Multiple ways to play

The Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table offers kids multiple ways of playing. Some of the ways include:

  • Dress-up play: Kids can use the accessories to dress up their Barbie dolls
  • Magic door play: The sliding door opens up to reveal a secret room
  • Storytelling play: Kids can use their imagination to create stories with the characters and accessories
  • Role-play play: Kids can pretend to be the different characters and act out different scenarios

Interactive Design

The Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table features an interactive design so kids can play with it in various ways. The lid of the table opens up and also doubles as a seat. The seat can be used to display the dolls and access the different accessories. The table also has an interactive opening roof window and a sliding door with a secret room. The different interactive parts of the table allow kids to manipulate the environment and create their own imaginative stories and play scenarios.

Interactive Learning

The Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table can also be used as an educational tool to help kids learn about different concepts. There are various accessories such as furniture pieces, kitchen items and other fun objects that can help kids to learn about various topics. Kids can learn about the different components of a house, colors, shapes and even design and architecture. Through practical play, kids can develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


The Barbie Dreamhouse Coffee Table is an interactive play set that can be used for creative play, storytelling and learning. Thanks to its innovative features and interactive design, kids can use it to become more imaginative, creative and knowledgeable.

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