why does my dog sleep under the coffee table

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under The Coffee Table?

Dogs are curious animals and owners may often find them in unexpected places. One common place is under coffee tables, so it is important to understand why this behavior occurs and how owners can best address it.

Feeling Secure

The most likely answer to this question is that your dog is trying to find a secure feeling by sleeping under the coffee table. Dogs usually look for safer and more confined areas to feel snug and this is often under or behind furniture.

Personal Brings Comfort

Your dog may be sleeping under the coffee table because it brings a piece of comfort and familiarity. By sleeping under a piece of furniture that is used often and part of the family’s routine, your pup feels like it is part of the pack and is also protected by the things that bring it pleasure.

Tips To Encourage Different Sleeping Areas

Although it may be cute to find your pup curled up and sound asleep under the coffee table, it’s important to work on allowing your pup to develop normal sleeping habits.

  • Provide a Bed: Providing your dog with a comfortable bed in a place it feels secure will encourage them to sleep there.
  • Treats: Rewarding your pup for lying in its bed with a treat can also be helpful.
  • Ignore: If your dog returns to their spot under the coffee table, don’t make a big fuss or give attention.

Although it may seem like your pup is feeling safe and secure under the coffee table, it’s important to attempt to break this habit and promote better sleep patterns. With time and patience, owners will be able to encourage healthy sleeping habits in their pup.

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