why does my dog sleep under the coffee table

Benefits of A Dog Sleeping Under The Coffee Table

No matter the breed, age, or size of your pup, they all prefer one safe, comfortable spot. You may have noticed your pup snuggle up under the coffee table or opt for another spot in your home to crash. It turns out there are several benefits to sleeping under the coffee table (or any other furniture, for that matter).


One of the primary reasons dogs sleep under the coffee table is for shelter. Dogs are pack animals, and a coffee table provides safe security and shelter from potential threats. Crawling under the table gives your pup a sense of protection from potential predators, noises, and people they’re unfamiliar with.


In addition to feeling secure, it’s also an incredibly comfortable spot for your pup. Offering a dark and quiet environment, your pup can sleep without interruption. Dogs naturally seek out a cool, comfortable spot when it’s time to lay down and the corner of a coffee table can provide just that.


Believe it or not, furniture like your coffee table actually helps keep your pup cozy on those cooler nights. The carpet provides insulation and if your pup is right up against the wall, your pup can soak up the warmth of the wall.


Furniture like the coffee table can also provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. Dogs rely on their sense of smell and if they’ve adopted the coffee table as their spot, your pup will stay close to the familiar smells, which can also help them relax.

Stress Relief

Sleeping under the coffee table can also provide a sense of calming for your pup, as it’s away from any distractions and the comfort helps relieve your pup’s stress. Aside from the security benefits, sleeping in a confined space helps to trigger your pup’s internal calming response which brings lots of of benefits to their overall health.


Your pup sleeping under the coffee table is a perfectly normal behavior, and as you can see there are plenty of benefits to them snuggling up underneath. When choosing a place for your pup to snuggle up, always ensure it’s escape-proof and padded to prevent any injuries. Make sure to provide plenty of blankets and other comfortable items to get them settled in.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure it’s escape-proof – Make sure the gap around the furniture legs isn’t too big for your pup to squeeze through
  • Offer padding – Provide comforters, beds, or other materials to make your pup’s spot extra comfortable
  • Keep it familiar – Put something like a shirt that smells like you to help your pup feel extra safe
  • Make it cool – Place fans or a cool towel to keep your pup cool and comfortable

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