why does my dog sleep under the coffee table

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under the Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are surprisingly comfortable for our canine friends. Although it can sometimes be a nuisance for us humans, there are valid reasons why dogs often gravitate towards the coffee table for a comfortable snooze.


One reason is due to safety and security. Under the coffee table is an enclosed space providing a clear view of the main entrance. It means that your pup will immediately recognise somebody entering the room, giving them plenty of notice and time to prepare, perhaps even to bark a greeting. Furthermore, it’s a smaller space, which can make your pooch feel safer and more secure.


Another reason why your pup loves sleeping under the coffee table is the warmth emanating from the ground. Besides radiating heat around the room, the floor naturally retains some warmth, which is often further amplified thanks to the insulation created by furniture. This will make your pup feel extra snug and cosy, a feeling that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.


Finally, a coffee table provides the ultimate pawfect comfort. It is quite low to the ground, making it easier for your pup to jump onto and settle in. The table itself might also provide some cushioning, making a great mattress. Furthermore, the table can provide a barrier from drafty winds, providing a more comfortable climate for your pup to snuggle in and settle down.

In conclusion, there are multiple valid reasons why dogs love sleeping under the coffee table. Your pup finds comfort, warmth, and security when snuggling under the coffee table, so it’s easy to see why they gravitate towards it!

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