why does my dog lay under the coffee table

Why Does My Dog Lay Under The Coffee Table?

Have you ever wondered why your furry companion loves to cuddle up under the coffee table? There are actually several reasons why your pup is drawn to this cozy spot.

The Comfort Factor

One reason why your pup loves to lay under the coffee table is the comfort factor. Generally, the space under the coffee table is warm and offers a sense of comfort and coziness that they can’t get anywhere else. The area is likely to be darker than most of the room, as well, potentially providing some stress relief or seclusion they may need.


Also, dogs tend to seek out places where they feel safe and secure, where they feel they can hide and protect themselves. The space under the coffee table can provide them with that sense of protection from any other pets in the house or from potential outside threats.


Pups are always curious and not just about the world surrounding them, but also about their own family. Since the coffee table is frequented by the whole family, it is most likely a great view for them to get a sense of the world. From the shelter and safety of their cozy little area, your pup can watch everyone without having to worry about being disturbed.

Calming Benefits

It’s true that sometimes our furry friends just need some time to relax and this area can provide that. It’s also been suggested that the pressure of being in a cramped, snug space can actually release endorphins and provide a calming effect. The darkness of the space may also help to induce sleep.

There are all kinds of benefits our pups may be taking advantage of when they lay under the coffee table and these are just a few of them.

So, the next time you wonder why your pup is under the coffee table, think of all the reasons they could be.

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