why does my dog lay under the coffee table

Why Does My Dog Lay Under the Coffee Table?

It’s not uncommon for pet owners to be curious about why their pup lays beneath the coffee table. After all, it’s an odd yet seemingly important habit for them. But why do dogs choose to lay in this special spot? There are a few reasons that may explain this behavior.


Dogs have an instinct to stay close to their owners and feel safe, which may be the reason they are drawn to the coffee table. Sitting or laying under a piece of furniture may also provide a sense of protection and security, like a den. The side of the coffee table also may give them a sense of comfort, as it can provide partial coverage.


Your pup may be under the coffee table because it’s simply an interesting and new spot for them to explore. Dogs are naturally curious and want to explore multiple spots for comfort. Another factor that may draw them to the coffee table is the smell; because the table has been close to you and may pick up a comforting scent from you.


The area under the coffee table may be cooler than its surroundings, making it a great place for your pup to hang out. Dogs have an excellent sense of temperature, and oftentimes prefer cooler areas on a hot day or will search out the sun to get warm.

How to Keep Your Pup Comfortable

If your pup refuses to stop laying under the coffee table, there are a few things you can do to make them more comfortable:

  • Provide pillows or a bed: Adding something soft for your pup to lay on will make them more comfortable than the hard floor. It will also let them know that their spot is welcomed and allowed in your home.
  • Place toys for your pup to play with: Encouraging your pup to play with a toy while they are under the coffee table can help delay the habit.
  • Move the coffee table: Find a new spot in the room to move the coffee table so your pup has to find somewhere else to lay.


There are a few reasons why your pup may decide to lay under the coffee table, including comfort, protection or the appeal of the temperature. No matter the reason, it’s easy to make them more comfortable. Providing soft bedding, a toy to entertain them, and even just moving the table to a different spot, are all simple and effective ways to help your pup create a new and more comfortable spot.

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