why does glass coffee makes not break

Why Does Glass Coffee Mugs Not Break?

Glass can be a fragile material that requires attention, but glass coffee mugs are resilient and can easily be handled day-to-day. So what gives glass coffee mugs the strength to resist daily wear and tear? Let’s take a look at why glass coffee mugs remain intact.

Interconnected Liquid Glass

Glass coffee mugs are usually made of liquid glass that has been cooled and hardened. This, in effect, makes the glass ultra-resistant because the individual pieces of glass twine around each other and interlock, like a net. This connection then makes the entire mug much stronger and less likely to break.

The Right Kind of Glass

The special kind of glass used for glass coffee mugs is also patented and created not to shatter. The art of glassblowing is the usual form of creating glassware, and the way it is carried out makes for very strong mugs that don’t break.


The physical makeup of the glass is highly important. Borosilicate is an element added to the glass to create said physical structure specialized to withhold against disasters. The presence of this element ensures an extra layer of strength within the frame and walls of the cup.

Special Treatment

The process of production of a glass coffee mug also contributes to its unbreakable form.

  • Tempering: This is the process of heating then cooling the mug quickly. This makes sure any type of constraints induced by externally applied force doesn’t cause the mug to break.
  • Annealing: Much like tempering the mug, annealing is a process in which the mug is heated and cooled at a much slower pace. This, too, helps strengthen the mug against any kind of external force.

Glass is known to be fragile, but by following these procedures, glass coffee mugs remain unbreakable and keep their shape through every morning cup.

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