why does glass coffee makes not break

Why Does Glass Coffee Mugs Not Break?

Glass coffee mugs are rather popular nowadays because they are not so fragile and easy to clean. It is important to know why glass coffee mugs do not break easily under normal conditions.

Heat Resistance

The first thing to consider is how heat resistant glass coffee mugs are. The thermal shock of pouring hot liquid into a glass mug is usually enough to break some materials. But it appears that most mugs made from glass can withstand incredibly high temperatures. This is because glass is able to change its properties when heated. When the temperature rises, the glass molecules become more prone to forming bonds between them, making the glass stronger. This explains why glass mugs do not easily break even when they are filled with hot beverages.


In addition to heat resistance, glass is elastic. What this means is that when it is faced with pressure, it will bend instead of breaking. Some other materials, such as ceramic, are very brittle and can shatter easily. But glass mugs are made of tempered glass, which is very flexible and can bend without breaking. This is especially useful when a person accidentally drops their mug. The glass will flex, reducing the chances of it breaking upon impact.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of glass are also important when it comes to durability. Glass is composed of a network of molecules that are extremely stable. This makes it very difficult for any kind of chemical reaction to take place and weaken the structure. This also explains why mugs made from glass can withstand the acids and other chemicals found in some beverages.

Overall, glass mugs are designed to be as durable and resilient as possible. The combination of heat resistance, elasticity and chemical stability makes glass the perfect material for mugs. With proper care and handling, a glass mug can last a very long time.

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