why does glass coffee makes not break

Why Does Glass Coffee Mugs Not Break?

Making a good cup of coffee starts with the right tools. Many choose glass mugs because they are resistant to shattering, but you may be wondering why this is the case? With a few key characteristics and qualities, glass coffee mugs can keep your drink safe while you sip away.

What Makes It Glass?

The term “glass” is a bit of a misnomer, as most glass mugs are actually made of soda-lime glass. This is a silicate glass, made mostly of silica and calcium oxide, along with tiny amounts of other elements. This type of glass is by far the most common type used for mugs and other drinkware, and is much less brittle than lead crystal glass.

Resistance to Shattering

Glass mugs are extremely durable, due to several factors. One major factor is that soda-lime glass has microscopic irregularities along the molecular structure, which makes it more flexible. This makes it less likely to shatter even when put under stress, such as being dropped on the floor.

In addition, glass mugs are also coated with a thin protective layer. This layer provides a smooth, glossy finish, and it also makes the mug more resistant to scratches. This helps the mugs maintain their clarity and prevents any sharp edges from forming which can lead to breakage.

Heat Tolerance

Glass mugs also have very good heat tolerance. This makes them an ideal choice for hot drinks like coffee and tea. Soda-lime glass can cope with temperatures up to 100C without any problem, making it a very safe choice for holding hot liquids.

Benefits of Glass Mugs

Glass mugs offer several advantages over other types of mugs. Here are some of the benefits of using glass coffee mugs:

  • Non-toxic – Glass is safe and non-toxic, making it ideal for hot drinks.
  • Durable – Glass mugs are very resistant to breakage, due to their flexible structure and protective coating.
  • Heat resistant – Glass mugs can withstand temperatures up to 100C.
  • Attractive – Glass mugs can add a touch of class to any coffee-drinking experience.

Glass coffee mugs may not be the most fashionable or trendy choice, but they have the qualities necessary to make a good cup of coffee and keep it safe. So if you’re looking for a mug that won’t shatter, glass is a great choice.

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