why does a butler’s style coffee table have edge

Why Does A Butler’s Style Coffee Table Have An Edge?

Butler’s style coffee tables are a traditional piece of furniture and have been around for hundreds of years, but why does a butler’s style coffee table have an edge?

Functional Design

Butler style tables are a functional piece of furniture, and the edge of the table plays an important role in this. The edge of the table can be used to support books, magazines, and cups, as it provides an easy way to avoid objects from sliding off. It also helps to keep items on the table neat and orderly.

Additional Support

The edge of the table additionally provides extra support, which is especially beneficial when the table is used to hold heavier items or those with sharp edges. The edge helps to ensure that the items remain secure and don’t accidentally fall off the table.


Finally, the edge of the butler’s style coffee table is important for safety, as it can help to avoid any accidents from occurring. If someone trips on the edge or knocks into it, they are less likely to hurt themselves compared to if there was no edge at all.

In short, the edge of a butler’s style coffee table is an important part of the table’s design, and not to be overlooked. It helps to provide additional support, and improves safety, making it a great choice for any home.

Benefits of a Butler’s Style Coffee Table with an Edge:

  • Helps to keep items neat and orderly
  • Provides extra support for heavier items
  • Improves safety and avoids accidents

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