why do they call it a coffee table

Why Do They Call It a Coffee Table?

You might be wondering why people refer to a common, low-lying table as a “coffee table”. To answer this question, there is both a technical explanation and a more logical one.

Technical Explanation

The term comes from the early 20th century, when these types of tables were mainly used to play games like bridge. As an extension of the game’s social aspects, people would also bring coffee to the table to keep themselves alert, hence the name “coffee table”.

Logical Explanation

In more recent years, these tables are commonly used as a place to serve coffee. Hosts and hostesses often use them in living rooms to provide a convenient space to serve coffee, tea and hors d’oeuvres. As such, the logical explanation for the term stems from its frequent use for serving coffee.

Why is it low-lying?

Typically, coffee tables are low-lying and lack a vertical presence. This allows it to be an acceptable seating option if there is shortage of chairs, while still providing a surface to set drinks on. It can also help cozy up the atmosphere by making it easy to reach others around the table and encouraging human connection.

In conclusion, the term “coffee table” has both a technical and logical explanation. Its low-lying height brings convenience and coziness to any space, which explains why it so popular.

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