why did trainwreckstv break his coffee table

Trainwreckstv Breaks His Own Coffee Table

Trainwreckstv, an online gaming streamer, has recently gone viral for breaking his own coffee table – but why?

Frustration After Defeat

Trainwreckstv had been playing video games in an online tournament when he lost the match. His frustration soon boiled over and he ended up kicking the coffee table in front of him. The impact of his foot was so strong that the table broke in half!

“I Had to Let It Out”

Trainwreckstv later explained that he had no intention of breaking the table, but he felt like he had to let out his emotions after the defeat.

Why Are People Reacting?

Many people have been reacting to the incident, with some calling it an overreaction while others think it was an understandable display of frustration.

A Symbol of Gaming

The broken coffee table has now become a symbol of gaming, representing the intense emotions experienced by gamers when playing for long periods of time and going through various ups and downs.

What Have We Learned?

Overall, this incident has reminded us that gaming should be taken seriously, and that it’s important to be aware of one’s emotions when playing.


Trainwreckstv’s coffee table may have been broken, but it has become an example of the intense emotions that gamers go through and how important it is to be aware of them.

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