why did trainwrecks break his coffee table

Why did Trainwrecks Break His Coffee Table?

Trainwrecks, the popular streamer on Twitch, recently shared a video on his YouTube channel detailing why he ended up breaking his beloved coffee table. It all started one weekend when he was playing an intense game of chess with his friend.

The Moment It All Unfolded

The two were so into the game that neither had noticed that Trainwrecks’ phone was also on the coffee table. However, right when the intensity of the game reached its peak, he lunged across the table and his phone fell over the edge, crashing onto the floor and breaking the coffee table in the process.

The Aftermath

Knowing that he was now out a coffee table and potentially a few thousand dollars, Trainwrecks was understandably embarrassed, to say the least. He then took to his social media to explain what went down in humorous fashion:

  • On Twitter: “Never forget to think twice before you’re about to make your next move, even if it’s on the chessboard”
  • On Instagram: “My chess career is off to a great start… at least I’m still undefeated!”

Lessons Learned

No matter the circumstance, it’s always best to take a step back and think twice before acting. This basically applies to everything in life, from important decisions to chess matches with friends.

Plus, Trainwrecks provided a great life lesson: Don’t play intense games of chess on valuable coffee tables. That’s an expensive mistake that you and your wallet won’t soon forget.

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