why coffee table books aren’t sold academic market

Why Coffee Table Books Aren’t Sold on the Academic Market

Coffee table books are published primarily to be enjoyed and appreciated by the everyday reader. Academics, on the other hand, tend to focus on the essays, peer-reviewed articles, and textbooks necessary to complete specific course requirements. As such, coffee table books don’t really fit within an academic’s day-to-day life. Here are a few reasons why coffee table books aren’t sold on the academic market.


Coffee table books are typically published with large pictures, full-page spreads, and colorful, sometimes whimsical layouts. This type of format doesn’t always lend itself to the comprehensive research and data that academics look for in educational materials. While some academic books may contain graphics and other visuals, the design of the text and images is intended to be concise and educational.


The target audience for coffee table books also differs from that of academic literature. Coffee table books are often intended for more casual readers who are looking for books to enjoy for pleasure. On the other hand, academic publications are typically intended for a specific group of professionals and experts in a particular field of study.

Price Point

The price of a coffee table book – particularly those that are full of high-quality images – is typically quite high. This can be prohibitively expensive for students and academics who need to purchase multiple books each semester. Academic books are much more affordable, allowing students to purchase larger quantities at easier-to-manage price points.

In conclusion, coffee table books don’t currently fit into the academic market due to their unique formatting, targeted audience, and higher price points. While many readers might find them enjoyable, they simply don’t have the content and affordability necessary for use in academic settings.

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