who says every living room needs a coffee table

Do You Really Need to Get a Coffee Table for Your Living Room?

When it comes to decorating a living room, many people seem to think that the one absolute must-have piece of furniture is a coffee table. But the truth is: you don’t always have to have a coffee table in your living room – it’s perfectly okay to go without one, depending on the look and feel you are hoping to create.

Advantages of Not Having a Coffee Table

There are some definite advantages to opting out of getting a coffee table. Below are a few reasons why:

  • Create a Lighter, Airier Feel – If you want to create a lighter and airier look in your living room, going without a coffee table can help achieve this. It makes the area look less cluttered and allows for more pieces of furniture that can serve as functional art or statement pieces.
  • Save on Cost and Space – Coffee tables can be a substantial investment for many people, as well as taking up a lot of space. If you are someone who is working on a tight budget and needs to maximize the space you have, then going without a coffee table can be a great way to do so.
  • More Flexibility With Your Design – Not having a coffee table can actually give you more flexibility with your design. You can focus more on the other pieces of furniture such as sofas, armchairs and footstools, as opposed to worrying about and matching things to a coffee table.

Alternatives to a Coffee Table

There are plenty of alternative pieces of furniture that can be used instead of a coffee table. Below are a few examples:

  • A decorative ottoman – Ottomans can be used as coffee tables, and they also provide extra seating.
  • A sideboard – A sideboard can be used to store items, while a glass top can be used to set drinks or snacks on.
  • A low bookshelf – Choose furniture with open shelving on top. This will give you more space to display décor items, as well as storing books and other items.
  • A bench – Benches are great for extra seating, as well as having a surface to place drinks and snacks. Plus, they come in all shapes, sizes and styles.


In conclusion, there are plenty of other options if you don’t want to get a coffee table for your living room. Whether it be due to budget, space constraints or personal preference. Consider other furniture options, arrange the furniture to create a lighter look, or get creative with alternative pieces such as ottomans or sideboards.

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