who says every living room needs a coffee table

Coffee Table Necessity: A Debated Opinion

Coffee tables are eye-catching statements throughout living rooms. They are the perfect place to show off a centerpiece or house a reading lamp, but not everyone agrees that these tables are actually necessary. So, who says every living room needs a coffee table?

Purpose of the Table

A coffee table is intended to provide a central focus and a serviceable purpose in the living room. This type of table is used to support drinks and items of interest, such as books, magazines, remotes, and decorative objects. Additionally, a coffee table can add a “pop” of color or texture to liven up a room and make it more inviting.

Arguments Against

Some people believe that these tables are out-dated and bulky, making them an inconvenience in smaller living spaces. Other critics think of them as an unnecessary clutter-catcher. Many designers and homeowners opt for an all-in-one set of end-tables, or space-saving nesting tables, as alternatives to the room-consuming coffee table.

Arguments For

Supporters of the coffee table claim this piece of furniture is necessary for its functionality. A coffee table not only looks nice and is great for having guests over, but also serves to connect couches, chairs, and other seating together. Moreover, it can act as a stage for a larger display, such as plants, centerpieces, and small sculpture.


At the end of the day, whether a living room should have a coffee table is a personal choice. Here are the pros and cons of a coffee table:

  • Pros: attractive focal point, extra storage, stage risers for larger displays
  • Cons: bulky and takes up space, prone to hold clutter

No matter what your opinion, a coffee table is just one of the many possible ways to furnish and style your living space.

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