who publishes the cool coffee table books

Who Publishes the Coolest Coffee Table Books?

Coffee table books are the perfect way to spruce up any living room! Whether you’re looking for a fashion, art, or design book to impress visitors, or simply need something to flip through while you sip your coffee — we’ve got you covered.

The 9 Best Publishers of Coffee Table Books

These 9 publishers are among the very best when it comes to coffee table books:

  • Assouline: With a focus on art, fashion, design, and travel, Assouline coffee table books are the perfect way to explore a new culture or refresh your living room’s look.
  • Maria Papadimitriou: This publisher brings to life extraordinary stories of beauty, courage, and exploration, channeled through coffee table books with colorful illustrations and captivating stories.
  • Taschen: From design books to riveting collections of art, Taschen coffee table books bring stories to life with a focus on history and art.
  • Phaidon: Founded in 1923, Phaidon is the longstanding leader in art, architecture, and design books — many of which look incredible on any coffee table.
  • Thames and Hudson: Global publisher Thames and Hudson is well known for its stunning coffee table books with a focus on art, photography, and design.
  • The Monacelli Press: Oftentimes filled with beautiful and inspiring images of an artist’s life, The Monacelli Press’ coffee table books are a great resource for creative minds.
  • Rizzoli: Inspired by all things fashion and design, Rizzoli publishes an array of glossy paperbacks that beg to be displayed on their own.
  • Abrams: For those looking for an updated take on a classic, Abrams books are perfect for adding a hint of modern to any home.
  • Nordic Design: If you’re looking for something to give your home a unique Scandanavian twist, Nordic Design’s coffee table books spotlight the region’s visionary style.

Whether you’re in need of some home decor inspiration, or looking to liven up guests, these coffee table books will surely do the trick.

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