who publishes coffee table books

What are Coffee Table Books?

Coffee table books are books printed with high-quality art paper and with large format. They are designed to be displayed on coffee tables and to be proofreading with enjoyment and pleasure.

Publishers of Coffee Table Books

Coffee table book are usually published by publishers specialized in niche markets,

  • Big Publishing Companies– Big publishing companies, such as Scholastic, Random House and Hachette, have a specific coffee table book series. They specialize in coffee-table style books about art, photography and in-depth features on a specific topic.
  • Fine Art Publishers– Fine art publishers publish books that focus on art and art concepts written by experts. These books usually provide in-depth explanation and analysis of various works of art.
  • Anthology Publishers– Anthology publishers compile works from different authors into one single coffee table book. These books often include guest writings from a variety of authors and provide readers with an extensive view of the topic.
  • Specialty Publishers– Specialty publishers focus on specific topics, such as travel, architecture, history and other genres. These books are often published in detail with high-quality illustrations, photographs and detailed descriptions.


Coffee table books are a great way to discover information and explore topics in more detail. These books can be published by big publishing houses, fine art publishers, specialized publishers, and anthology publishers. By exploring and reading these types of books, readers are exposed to a wide array of topics and ideas.

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