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Cocktail Table Vs Coffee Table: Which one is Smaller?

Whenever one is decorating a living space or interior of a home, it is important to pick the right furniture. Many times, you’re finding yourself between a cocktail table and a coffee table, but aren’t sure which one is smaller and fits better in your living room.

What is a Cocktail Table?

Cocktail tables are the larger version of a coffee table and are typically in the shape of an oval or a rectangle. They’re considered a main center table and normally sit in the living room’s primary location with matching sofas and armchairs around it.

What is a Coffee Table?

A coffee table is a couch side table that is typically a square or rectangle shape. It is about half the size of a cocktail table and is mostly used to place magazines or other forms of decor on.

Which one is Smaller?

Clearly, the coffee table is smaller than the cocktail table. A coffee table stands usually 50 cm high and 120 cm long. A cocktail table, on the other hand, is between 40-50 cm high and 90-110 cm long.

Advantages of Each

  • Cocktail Table: this kind of table offers more surface space that can come in handy for larger gatherings and is great for display purposes.
  • Coffee Table: having a smaller size, coffee tables allow for more flexible arrangements and can look sleek and modern.

In conclusion, coffee tables are visibly smaller than cocktail tables and they’re great for smaller living rooms. Cocktail tables, on the other hand, can match better a large living room, but offer limited flexibility.

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