which is better glass coffee carafe or thermal

Glass Coffee Carafe Vs Thermal Carafe

Having a coffee maker in your house is essential to enjoy a cup of hot coffee every morning, but what is essential no less than the coffee maker itself is the coffee carafe types you choose – glass coffee carafe or thermal carafe. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two types of coffee carafes to figure out which one is the better choice.


Glass coffee carafes are usually made from heat resistant tempered glass, with a handle and a lid. Thermal carafes usually look like metal jugs.

Temperature Retention

Glass coffee carafes keep coffee hot for about 30 minutes depending on the surrounding temperature, but thermal carafes are specifically designed to keep the beverage hot for a longer period of time. These carafes have insulation technology around the outer walls and offer better temperature retention, thus allowing you to keep your coffee warm and flavorful longer.

Durability And Maintenance

Glass carafes are fragile and have a tendency to break if dropped or handled roughly, while thermal carafes are more durable since they are made of stainless steel. Furthermore, a thermal carafe requires easy maintenance while glass carafes need to be washed by hand.


When it comes to which is better – glass coffee carafes or thermal carafes – it really depends upon what your needs and preference are.

  • Glass carafes are best for those who prefer an elegant look and a quick serving.
  • Thermal carafes are best for those who need longer temperature retention and durability.

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. Choose carefully according to your individual needs, as what you choose will make a huge difference in your daily coffee drinking experience.

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