which is best oval or square coffee table

The Great Debate – Oval or Square Coffee Table?

Do you want your living room to have an oval or a square coffee table? Both options have their own pros and cons, so deciding between the two is an important step in creating the room of your dreams.

Pros of an Oval Coffee Table

  • Soft Shape: Oval tables often have a softer and more rounded shape compared to square tables, making them suitable for shabby-chic and pastoral-style living rooms.
  • More Space: An oval-shaped table is usually wider than a similarly-sized square one, which means it has more space for people to use.
  • Easy to Re-position: It’s also very easy to rearrange oval furniture if you choose to move it or trim it down to fit a smaller space.

Cons of an Oval Coffee Table

  • Unstable: One common complaint about oval furniture is its tendency to wobble and shake due to its curved shape.
  • Squeezing in Furniture: If your living room is on the smaller side, an oval coffee table may take up a lot more space compared to an equivalent square one.

Pros of a Square Coffee Table

  • Stability: Due to its shape, a square coffee table is a lot more stable than an oval one, which makes it great for rooms with pets and children.
  • Compact: A square-shaped furniture will take up less space in a small or crowded room, allowing you to make room for more items.

Cons of a Square Coffee Table

  • Bulkier: A square-shaped furniture tends to appear bulkier, which might not give the ambiance you’re trying to create.
  • Lack of Flexibility: As it takes up a fixed amount of space, it can be tricky to move it around when needed.

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer as to whether an oval or square coffee table is the best choice. It really depends on the size and style of your living room and the extent to which you’re willing to compromise on space and flexibility.

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