which color coffee table goes with burgundy sofa

Which Color Coffee Table goes with Burgundy Sofa

Burgundy sofas add sophistication and elegance to a living room. As furniture often takes up a large portion of any given room, one needs to consider which color furniture will pair best to create a harmonious coexistence. Below is some advice on choosing the best color coffee table to match a burgundy sofa.

Colors to Consider

When matching furniture together, the general rule of thumb is to choose pieces that are either complementary or in the same color family. Here are some colors to consider when looking for a coffee table to go with a burgundy sofa:

  • Dark Wood – Dark wood emphasizes the richness of a deep red or burgundy sofa and helps your room to look more polished.
  • White or Off-White – White or off-white coffee tables go well with craft rooms and country-style living rooms. They also create a more open, airy feel for smaller spaces.
  • Metallic Gold or Copper – These metallic shades bring a contemporary edge to a burgundy sofa and modernize any room.
  • Gray – Gray creates an air of sophistication to a burgundy sofa and also creates a gorgeous contrast.

Style Tips

No matter the color, shape, or size of your coffee table, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to ensure a seamless transition between your coffee table and sofa:

  • Opt for either a round or oval coffee table. This will help break up the rigid edges of the sofa and makes the room feel softer.
  • To avoid having a clutter, choose one coffee table with adequate surface area and storage capabilities.
  • To create the sense of one large furniture set, choose a coffee table in the same style as the sofa and opt for similar flecks and textures in the wood.

Choosing the right coffee table to go with your burgundy sofa can be intimidating. The best advice is to go with a color that complements your sofa while ensuring that the style of the coffee table matches the style of the sofa. While it can take some trial and error to get it right, the result of a coordinated color and design can be breathtaking.

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