which color coffee table goes with burgandy sofa

Which Color Coffee Table Goes with a Burgundy Sofa?

There are a few possibilities when it comes to pairing a coffee table with a burgundy sofa. Depending on the overall look and feel you want to create in the room, you can choose from these options.

Subtle Contrast

A great option for pairing a coffee table with a burgundy sofa is to opt for a subtle contrast in color. Selecting a lighter version of burgundy such as mocha, taupe, or tan can create an interesting juxtaposition on the room and still keep the overall look muted and understated.

Colors That Pop

For a bold look, choose a coffee table in a vibrant color that draws focus to the center of the room. Pick up a few of the shades seen in the sofa, such as a deep blue, green, or yellow, and pair it with a coffee table in one of those colors. You can also add a few accent items in other bright shades like red, purple, or orange to create a dynamic and eye-catching vignette.


If the room has plenty of colorful furniture or area rugs, consider balancing out the space with a neutral color coffee table. Go for light shades like white, beige, ivory, or light gray to keep the focus on the surrounding elements.

Mix and Match

You can also mix and match different shades and textures to create a unique look. For example, pair a burgundy sofa with a mocha-colored coffee table and add in a few blush-colored items for a romantic, vintage-inspired vibe. Or use a combination of black, gray, and white for a modern, contemporary style.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selecting a coffee table to match a burgundy sofa, you have quite a few options. Choose subtle shades to keep the overall look muted, or opt for vibrant colors to make a bold statement. You can also combine neutrals, or mix and match different shades and textures to create a unique look. Whatever you choose, enjoy experimenting and finding the perfect combination for your space.

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