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Coffee Table Books from Pottery Barn

Decorating a home can be daunting – you want it to be stylish, but also uniquely reflect you. One common way to accessorize and make your home just right is to add coffee table books. On this front, Pottery Barn has you covered. Here is a list of some of the most popular coffee table books featured:

Interior Design Books

  • The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman
  • The Stripes Book by Rebecca Atwood
  • Scrapbook for Living by Roisin Devenney

Fashion & Lifestyle Books

  • Paris Always: More of the Sweeter Things in Life by Sara Klingberg
  • Violet Dan: A New York Style Pioneer by Magnolia Zsiska
  • Tiniest Fine Print: Exploring Our Place in the Universe by Faith Salie

Travel Books

  • Wheeling Through the Outback by Chris Cordes
  • Beyond the Horizon: Exploring America’s Roots Through Travel by Alfred Wainwright
  • The Winding Road: A Photographic Journey Through Europe by David Cumming

Book Style Collections

  • Conscious Living: An Illustrated Guide to Self-Love by Dorothea Hahn
  • Great Outdoors: Collection of the Best Places to Visit in the World by Ian Whitehouse
  • The Ambition Handbook: How to Reach the Highest Level of Ingenuity by Julian Gordon

Pottery Barn has a great selection of coffee table books to fit into any decorating style. Whether you like to read about interior design, fashion, lifestyle, travel, or even all of the above, there’s a coffee table book for you.

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