where to throw away a coffee table

Disposing of a Coffee Table

Taking effort to properly get rid of old furniture helps the environment, makes our homes safer and prevents them from becoming eyesores. Here are some tips on how to best dispose of a coffee table.


If the table is still in good condition, local charities, like The Salvation Army or Goodwill, will often take furniture donations. All you need to do is call the organization and arrange a pickup or drop it off yourself.


Online marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace are popular platforms to find somebody who’d be happy to take the old furniture off your hands and be willing to pay for it.


If you can’t find a buyer, consider recycling materials from the coffee table. Most furniture is made from wood, metals, plastic, or fabric and should be disposed of properly to prevent pollution and potential health problems:

  • Wood – search for local wood recycling drop off centers or furniture donation programs in your area.
  • Metals – choose a scrap metal salvaging program in your area to collect and recycle metals.
  • Plastic and fabrics – fabric scraps, cushions, and other bits of plastic and fabric can often be recycled at a local waste management facility.

Remove and Dispose

The last option would be to arrange for the table to be taken away and disposed of. This is the least preferred option, as it contributes to landfill waste. If you must dispose of the table this way, contact your local waste management facility to arrange a pickup or recycling bin.

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