where to place coffee table

Where to Place a Coffee Table

When it comes to home accessories, one of the most both functional and aesthetic pieces to place in your living room is a coffee table. Coffee tables can border your conversation areas, but it is important to consider where to place your coffee table for the best result.

Center of the Conversation Area

Putting a coffee table in the center of a conversation area is the tried-and-true method for optimal placement. As people move back and forth from the couches or armchairs to the table, it maintains an even balance. Center placement is best when the conversation area is a rectangle or square.

Focal Point

If you have a focal point in your living room, such as a fireplace, you should position the coffee table in the same direction. Another option is to put the table parallel with the focal point to emphasize the arrangement.

Useful Tips

  • Choose the right size – take into consideration the size of the room as well as the length of the couch, measuring out an imaginary space in the center to gauge the size of the table you will be able to accommodate.
  • Larger the better – you should opt for the largest rectangular one you can fit and still have enough space on either side for visitors to move around and get to their seat.
  • Leave clearance – keeping enough clearance of at least 16 inches, so people can move around easily, will give the table more presence, and it won’t look as if people are constantly knocking against it.

Ultimately, you should consider the space, traffic flow, and your own design and functional preferences when it comes to where you place your coffee table in your living room. Get creative, and have fun transforming your living room into the perfect, comfortable space.

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