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Create a Coffee Table Book with These Easy Steps

Creating a coffee table book is a great way to document and preserve special memories or to make a fantastic gift. There are lots of online services that make it easy to create a personalized coffee table book. Follow these steps and you will have a coffee table book in no time!

Choose a Photo Book Publisher

The first step to creating a coffee table book is to choose a trustworthy photo book publisher. It’s important to select an experienced publisher that offers outstanding printing quality and customer service. Here are some of the best coffee table book publishers:

  • Mixbook – specializes in creating custom photo books
  • Shutterfly – offers a wide selection of themes and styles
  • Snapfish – prints on high-quality, recycled paper
  • Picaboo – prints books with lay-flat pages

Gather Your Photos

Once you have chosen a photo book publisher, you need to gather the photos that you want to include in your coffee table book. You may have photos stored on your computer or some prints that you need to scan. You may also have access to shared cloud services and social media accounts that you can use to find and gather all your photos.

Choose the Design and Format

Next, it’s time to choose the design and format for your coffee table book. You can go for a classic, hardcover book or something more stylish such as a spiral-bound format. The photo book publisher should have lots of different options available for you to choose from. Some publishers may also offer custom design services for creating unique designs for your coffee table book.

Edit and Arrange Photos

You now need to edit and arrange the photos in your book. This is an opportunity to get creative, by adding text and effects to your photos, cropping and resizing images, or adding backgrounds. If you need help, many photo book publishers offer online tutorials and video guides on editing and arranging photos in your coffee table book.

Order Your Book

Once you have finished editing and arranging your photos, it’s time to order your book. You can usually preview your book before placing your order. This helps to make sure that everything looks perfect and allows you to make any last-minute tweaks before your book is printed. After you place your order, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks for your coffee table book to arrive!

Creating a coffee table book is a fun and rewarding experience. With the right photo book publisher, it’s easy to turn your photos into a beautiful, printed book. Follow these steps and you will have a unique, personalized coffee table book in no time!

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