where to find rot iron coffee table legs

Where to Find Wrought Iron Coffee Table Legs

Finding the perfect coffee table to match your existing decor or personal style can be a challenge. Adding your own custom legs to a store-bought table is an easy way to save money and make a unique piece of furniture. Here are some ideas on where to find wrought iron table legs for a DIY project:

Hardware Stores

Most local hardware stores will stock a selection of iron table legs, including some with a decorative wrought iron look. The downside to shopping at a hardware store is that the legs may not be as widely varied in their designs as those from a specialized store.

Online Vendors

If you’re open to spending more for a unique design, searching for wrought iron coffee table legs online can be a great option. Websites such as Etsy and Amazon offer a range of legs in different styles, and often specialize in handmade pieces. You can find vintage-style legs or something more modern and statement-making.

Antique Stores

If you have a local antique store, be sure to take a look – you might find an old tabletop with unique ironwork that’s perfect for the base of your coffee table. Many antique stores specialize in furniture pieces and may have a selection of iron table legs that you can purchase for your own project.


For experienced DIYers, why not attempt to make your own wrought iron coffee table legs? This is a great option for anyone who is looking for a totally original design or to use a specific iron material. Keep in mind, however, that it’s important to take proper safety precautions while working with iron.

No matter where you choose to find your iron table legs, you can feel confident knowing that your end result will be a beautiful and unique addition to your home!

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