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Build Your Own Coffee Table!

As a homeowner, there are plenty of times when you want to add some furniture to your already existing interior design. A coffee table is one of the most classic pieces of furniture one can add to their home, yet they can range in complexity to make. Depending on your skill level and design aspirations, you may consider making your own piece of furniture. Here are some places you can find plans to build your own coffee table.

Research Online

The internet can be a great resource for finding plans to build your own furniture. When looking online, you can find open source plans, example projects and exact schematics necessary to build your dream piece of furniture. Here are few resources you should turn to:

  • Instructables.com
    • Check out the book section for advice and specific plans for creating a coffee table.

  • WoodsmithPlans.com
    • Offers a wide variety of furniture plans that include diagrams and step-by-step instructions.

  • TheFamilyHandyman.com
    • This site also provides plans and instructions on how to make a coffee table.

  • IKEA Hackers
    • If you want to use a basic piece of furniture as the core of your custom coffee table, check out IKEA Hackers.

Visit Local Workshops & Maker Spaces

On top of the many online resources on furniture building, you can actually find plans and blueprints at your local workshops or makerspaces. Also, if you need additional help, check to see if the workshop provides classes or demonstrations on furniture building. Here are few places in your community you can visit for help building furniture:

  • Craft Stores
    • Most craft stores have in-store classes and project plans for those interested in furniture making.

  • Woodworking Shops
    • If you need an additional amount of assistance, many woodworking shops offer significant assistance with a variety of projects. They can provide tools, example projects, and workshops.

  • Home Centers
    • From prepclasses to demonstrations, most home centers, like Home Depot and Lowe’s, will likely have assistance on basic furniture building.

Making your own furniture is definitely an ambitious goal to take on, yet with the right set of plans, anyone can make their very own custom furniture. With just a few clicks, or a quick drive, you can find the perfect plans for your coffee table and get to work!

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