where to buy small coffee table in singapore

Small Coffee Tables for your Abode in Singapore

Small spaces can give an intimate feel, but like most things, it comes with its own set of challenges. One of them is finding the right decorative pieces to fit your space without compromising on style. A small coffee table is the perfect piece that can add to the aesthetic while not taking up too much real estate.

Below are some of the places in Singapore you can find small coffee tables.

Furniture & Carpentry Hub

Furniture & Carpentry Hub is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your furniture needs. They have a myriad of coffee table designs ranging from classic to modern, perfect for small and large spaces alike.

Their prices are also decently affordable and the quality of the pieces is several notches up from your regular IKEA-level stuff.


Hafary is a retailer that specializes in selling high-end tiles, bathroom wares and other luxury interior items such as furniture. They carry an extensive collection of tables including coffee tables in various sizes, materials and designs.

They also have a plethora of other furniture items with smaller dimensions that can fit any size abode and still add an element of luxury to it.


YaKun is an online retailer that has a wide selection of stylish, compact coffee tables at wallet-friendly prices.

They have something for everyone: traditional coffee tables, intricate wooden pieces, shabby chic coastal tables or minimalist and sleek designs that have one or two storage drawers that are perfect for cramped spaces.

Where to Buy Small Coffee Table in Singapore: The Takeaway

Small spaces come with their own set of problems when it comes to the decor. Finding a well-made, stylish and compact coffee table can certainly help.

There are several places in Singapore where you can find a great piece to fit your home’s aesthetic including Furniture & Carpentry Hub, Hafary, and YaKun.

Happy shopping!

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