where to buy farmhouse coffee table

Where to Buy a Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse style has been enjoying a surge of popularity in recent years, and one item of furniture in particular makes a cosy, inviting statement in any home – a farmhouse coffee table. If you’re looking for the perfect way to update your decor with this classic look, here are a few places to shop:

Local Craft Shows

Local craft and artisan fairs, pop-ups and shows are a great way of finding unique items and one-off pieces. Craftspeople and small businesses are at the heart of this style, and you’re sure to come away with something both special and unique. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, many vendors can custom-make a piece to your specifications.


You don’t have to go local to find your perfect coffee table. If you’re looking for something specific or a particular set of specifications, it’s worth checking out retailers both online and in store. Try looking at furniture outlets or specialist stores that focus on farmhouse decor for a selection of pre-made items to choose from.

Antique Shops

For a truly authentic farmhouse style piece with some charm and history, antique shops are the perfect place to look. You might score that one-off showpiece or find just the right look you’re after. Even better, you’ll pick up a bit of the past to cherish in your home.


If you’re handy with tools and love a good challenge, building your own farmhouse style coffee table is a great option. You can purchase a pre-cut table kit or find the right wood, screws, brackets and more to make it yourself. Furniture-building websites can give you detailed plans for crafting something special for your space.

Where to Buy a Farmhouse Coffee Table

  • Local craft shows – for unique, one-off pieces
  • Retailers – for pre-made, specific items
  • Antique shops – for authentic, historically interesting pieces
  • DIY – build your own with a kit or your own materials

No matter which way you choose to shop, you’re sure to find a farmhouse coffee table that will look perfect in your home. Enjoy the hunt and finding that special piece!

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