where to buy coffee table bases only

Where to Buy Coffee Table Bases Only

Finding the perfect coffee table can be a challenge: the combination of height, width, shape, materials and support is all important to getting the right look and feel. Often, we love the top but find ourselves not quite so taken with the base, so it’s helpful to know where to buy the table bases only.


IKEA is a go-to destination for many, and they offer coffee table bases in a variety of materials:

  • Wood bases are designed for contemporary and classic styles, offering clean lines for sleek looks.
  • Metal bases are sturdy, supportive and great for industrial-elegant rooms.
  • Glass bases defy weight and add shine and reflection.
  • Wicker and Laminated bases add a natural and elemental touch, often in black or white.

Temple & Webster

At Temple & Webster, you’ll find stylish and sophisticated coffee table bases for an elegant look. Their designs offer features such as:

  • Circular and Rectangular shapes for modern and traditional appeal.
  • Two-tier and single-tier styles, in solid and multi-legged designs.
  • Frames in gold, silver, black and white for colour-coordinated spaces.
  • Options to build and customise with bases, tops, trays and drawers.


At Freedom, you can pick up coffee table bases which are perfect for pairings with round or oblong tops. Quality materials like oak, walnut and steel provide long-lasting support and:

  • Tripod and Four-leg styles add a unique look.
  • Podcast bases are kitted out with a wire shelf to store TV remotes or have trays of snacks at the ready.
  • Contemporary metallic Spoke and U-shape styles thrill with their cutting-edge modernity.
  • Chrome, grey and black finishes keep your table look up to date.

West Elm

At West Elm, you will find coffee table bases which don’t just provide stability but also add decorative pizzazz. Explore pieces of furniture which feature:

  • Mid-century style lends an air of cosmopolitanism to your room.
  • Marble legs add a natural and varied look.
  • Unexpected shapes in butterfly and hourglass shapes.
  • Adjustable options let you move the height up and down using a screw mechanism.

When choosing the right coffee table base, remember to measure the room and your top carefully to ensure they fit together the best they can. But finding the right pieces can be an enjoyable experience, so take the time to find a base you love.

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