where can i put an ugly coffee table

The Best Places To Hide an Ugly Coffee Table

If you have an ugly table that has unpleasant aesthetics and you’re finding it difficult to know what to do with it, fear not, because there are still plenty of functional and stylish options to keep it out of the way. Here are the best locations to hide an ugly coffee table:

1. In the Center of the Room

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you have an unsightly table, it can actually make a good centerpiece. Choose some colorful cushions or pillows that contrast nicely with its color and place them on top. This will allow the table to stand out but look intentional and stylish.

2. Behind a Focused Area

Create a focused area in the room with a sofa and a smaller table at one end and a bookshelf or wardrobe at the other. Place the ugly table behind the sofa and it will be less conspicuous.

3. Next to a Room Divider

If you also have a divider, such as an armchair, a cupboard or a cabinet, this is one of the best places to hide an ugly coffee table. It will be much less visible next to something larger.

4. In a Corner

Put your ugly table in a corner and it will look inconspicuous. To make it look stylish, add a lamp and a potted plant.

5. Under Storage Boxes

If you have decorative storage boxes or baskets, put them on top of the table and it will be almost invisible. You get the storage space you need and still hide the table at the same time.


Finding a use for your ugly furniture doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can hide an ugly coffee table in the center of the room, behind a focused area, next to a room divider, in a corner or under storage boxes. It’s that easy.

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