when you hit your baby toe on the coffee table

My Experience When I Accidentally Hit My Baby Toe on the Coffee Table

Everyone has experienced the distinct pain of accidentally hitting their baby toe on a coffee table, and I can assure you the pain doesn’t go away anytime soon. It happened to me only a few days ago and the following experience is pretty much the same for everyone:

The pain

The pain of hitting your baby toe is almost immediate and strong. It’s as if an explosion of pain is happening in the toe and it radiates throughout your foot. It’s very hard to keep your balance and usually you do an involuntary jolt backwards as well.

The effects afterwards

Even after the initial pain is gone, your toe will feel tender and the surrounding area will look swollen. Depending on the severity of the hit, you may even get a bruise around the toe. You will also be very mindful of the area and find yourself favoring the opposite foot. Other effects may include:

  • limp while walking
  • sharp pains when you step a certain way
  • difficulty wearing tight shoes
  • aches in the toes during colder weathers

What to do afterwards

It’s best to apply ice to the area, as it will reduce the swelling and the potential bruise. Elevating the foot can also help with the pain. If the pain doesn’t subside after a few days, go visit a doctor who can get you the proper treatment.

All in all, I learned my lesson, and I’ll be extra careful not to bump into the coffee table again. If it does happen, though, I know what to do!

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