when to take bumper guards off coffee table

When to Take Bumper Guards Off Coffee Table

Bumper guards are widely used to protect the edges of coffee tables and other furniture from damage. Knowing when to remove the guards is important to keep furniture in top form.

Ask the Manufacturer

The best way to determine when to remove the bumper guards from a coffee table is to consult the manufacturer. They can provide information on how long to leave the guards in place and if any special treatments should be done before removal.

Replace Damaged Guards

Bumper guards should be replaced when they are showing signs of wear or damage. Discoloration, cracks, and splits are all signals that it is time for new guards. A damaged bumper guard can start to fray, leaving exposed sharp edges that can be a safety hazard.

Watch for Warping

If the bumper guards are left in place too long they can start to warp the wood of the furniture_ This can cause the wood to lose its shape, creating an uneven surface and possibly even damage to the wood. If warping becomes noticeable it is important to remove the guards immediately.

Benefits of Taking Bumper Guards Off

Removing bumper guards can help to maintain the the shape and look of the furniture. It will also allow access to any part of the furniture that may need repairs such as split boards or scratched surfaces. Removing the guards will also give a better view of the color and grain of the furniture.

Reapply Bumper Guards as Needed

Bumper guards should be reapplied to furniture as needed. This can help prevent future damage and keep the furniture looking great for years to come. Take the time to inspect the furniture often, especially in high traffic areas, to ensure their condition is not compromising the furniture’s look and safety.


Bumper guards are an important way to protect furniture from damage, but knowing when to remove them is also important. It is best to consult the manufacturer and follow their care instructions. Replacing guards when they become damaged and reapplying them as needed is an important way to keep furniture in top shape.

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