when to anchor area rug with coffee table

When to Anchor Area Rug with Coffee Table

Anchoring your area rug with a coffee table is an effective way to add an extra design element to your decor and tie the room together. When deciding to anchor your area rug in this manner, there are some things to consider:

Room size

An area rug should cover at least two-thirds of the room to create a desired aesthetic effect. If your room is small, then anchoring your area rug with a coffee table may be unneccessary, as you will be creating a tighter space.


Anchoring an area rug with a coffee table can create a great aesthetic effect if it is done in a tasteful manner. A large round table placed off-center to one side of the rug may look great in some rooms. For a more simple look, a rectangular table down the middle of the rug may fit better in a minimalistic space. Whatever you choose, make sure your furniture is relatively low-profile to maximize the effect.


It is important to remember to use materials that are compatible with the age of your rug. Choose lightweight furniture for antique carpets and heavyweight rugs for more modern decor.

When done correctly, using a coffee table to anchor an area rug can really tie a room together. The key is to choose the right materials and style. With the right care and attention, your design could have a great effect on the aesthetic of your room.

Things to Consider:

  • Room size
  • Style
  • Materials

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