when to anchor area rug with coffee table

How to Properly Anchor an Area Rug with a Coffee Table

Anchoring an area rug with a coffee table is an important part of completing a room’s décor, while also reducing the chances of someone slipping and falling due to a rug that isn’t properly secured. In order to take full advantage of this decorating tactic, here is a guide on how to anchor an area rug with a coffee table:

Step 1: Pre-Installation Preparation

Before you start anchoring an area rug with a coffee table, both pieces of furniture should already be in the room where therug will be laid out. You should also take the time to properly install the rug before actually anchoring it. Many people like to use double-sided rug tape for this purpose. To secure the rug tape, make sure to press down on the rug for about one minute after applying it.

Step 2: Place Coffee Table In the Middle of the Rug

Once the rug is securely installed, it’s time to anchor it with a coffee table. First, identify where the middle point of the rug is. Place the coffee table in the center, making sure that it’s in the middle of the pattern, if there is one.

Step 3: Secure the Rug with Discreet Pins

Once the coffee table is properly placed on the rug, use a couple of discreet pins to secure the rug to the coffee table. Make sure the pins don’t poke out the sides of the rug and that they won’t scratch people if they accidentally touch them.

Step 4: Hide the Pins with Coffee Table Coasters

To further secure the rug and hide the pins, place coasters on the corners of the coffee table.The coasters will also help to protect the rug from any dirt or spills.

Other Considerations

Once you’ve successfully anchored the area rug with a coffee table, make sure to keep the area free from clutter. This is especially important when dealing with heavy furniture that is placed on top of the rug. To prevent any accidental damage, never place any furniture on the rug that might get in the way.

Anchoring an area rug with a coffee table is a great way to make any living room more cozy, as well as prevent slipping and falling. By properly preparing the room and using discreet pins, you can make sure that the rug and coffee table are securely attached while maintaining a pleasant look.

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