when stottlemyer moves the coffee table there’s no carpet

Stottlemyer Moves the Coffee Table: No More Carpet

It was a good day for Stottlemyer as he had decided to move the long-standing coffee table from its place in his living room. It had been there for years and he felt it was about time for a change – but he didn’t realise the consequences of his decision until he moved the table.

When Stottlemyer moved the coffee table, he discovered that there was no carpet underneath. In its place was the floorboards that had been there for many years. It was a shocking sight to behold and it took him some time to realise why the carpet was missing.

Upon further investigation, Stottlemyer found out that the previous owner of the house had removed the carpet years earlier and had never gotten around to replacing it. This came as a surprise as Stottlemyer thought the carpet to be a part of the house, only to realise that it was not and that he had been treading on floorboards all this time.

The discovery of the bare floorboards left him in a tricky situation. He thought of some ways to deal with the situation, including:

Option 1 – Re-carpet the Floor

Stottlemyer had the option of having the floor re-carpeted, but this would have been a costly and time-consuming process.

Option 2 – Leave it As Is

The second option was to simply leave the floor as it was, with the floorboards still exposed. This would have been the easier option but it would have changed the aesthetics of the living room.

Option 3 – Get an Area Rug

The third option that Stottlemyer considered was to get an area rug to cover the floorboards. This would have been the most practical solution and would have given the living room a unique look.

Ultimately, Stottlemyer decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to get an area rug. This was a great decision as it gave the living room a unique look while also costing less than re-carpeting the floor.

In the end, when Stottlemyer moved the coffee table he discovered that there was no carpet underneath. It took a few moments to realize that his house had never been carpeted before. Nevertheless, he found a great solution in the end – an area rug which gave the living room a unique look and feel.

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